Do you have 12 volt wiper motor for 74 beetle in your box/warehouse of treasures ?

Anyone have a wiper motor laying around want one urgently get in touch please

In need of help wipers still not working. need a beetle mechanic near Dagenham Essex can you recommend someone I drive Herbie daily so off the road till the summer if I can't get them working soon thanks

Just checked no there's no noise from the motor that I can hear been under bonnet ?

Hi there can anyone advise me my wiper arm was a bit loose so I tightened it up and it went up then stopped losen ed it again but went a few times now stopped changed fuses no10 and now I'm sure there is a smell after I turn the switch oh yes it's a 74 beetle any ideas before I go buying parts

Hi my 1974 beetle needs new distributor but do not know which one to get mech not air-cool specialist rac man says change to electronic so gets rid of trouble points ect but need to order one tomorrow but what else is needed should I go this route gsf are on my door step drive bug everyday and keeping him till I die help please


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Thanks for all your replies, I have changed the speedo wire but unfortunately it broke again I think that now that it is the speedo that is broken I did hear a noise like a wire braking last week and the car over, I noticed that the speedo not working now in a panic as the dreaded mot is due in 2 weeks , I'm looking for a breaker to get a replacement speedo any ideas I'm based in Dagenham, Essex, as quite new to the vw world don't have many contacts yet


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hi there I need to replace the speedo cable, sounds easy enough but I just cant get the trolley jack under the front end to raise the passenger front tyre as needed, my beetle has been lowered by previous owner and im not sure as where it is safe to raise the Haynes manual is useless any one can help ?


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Hi there, thanks for your help, yes it is no 3 lead, and it is loose that is why I has having a look in the first place, I brought them and my friend fitted them but this ones has always been loose, I think that the black stuff was a bit wet looking not sooty so will get it to my man today as you say could be that seal thing he doesn't start till 12 so will update you later, but I was thinking the worst and haven't slept (fingers crossed)
big thanks for your help


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Hi looking at herbie today his HT lead at the spark plug end had black stuff on it, the other leads were all clean I looked it up on google and some are saying might be a worn piston which is scary, the car is running fine and I use it daily I had the timing done about 8 months ago any advise is appreicated


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I brought new door cards for my beetle at elemental which arrived today, are great these are in bright red and my door handles are black does anyone advise me if I can spray these red too and which paint to use

ps what a great weekend looking forward to tomie now


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hi there im looking for 3 x 90mm centre hub covers for herbie, someone was looking for them too I guess and thought they would help themselves to my ones, I only have one left i was told they are 90mm old school if this helps any help in where to get them would be great    default/smile

hi can you help, my beetle has a problem with headlights, I noticed the other day that both my headlights are not working now, I have side lights and the flasher (high beam works) I am trying to fix it myself and my mot is due in two week s so was hoping to put it though while im off work,  I have changed both fuses ,checked bulbs , changed relay but no luck, I have undo the switch and cleaned all contacts but nothing,  all wiring conectors look good is there anyway that I can test the switch before I purchase one my nearest gsf don't stock it but will order one in for me but they wont refund it
any help would be appreciated sam


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hi there just spoke to just kampers they have a cover but he don't think this one locks? maybe its not on there listing but is on the item? im going to order it as its sounds good thanks for your help sam


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Murph wrote:

Hello , as H-G said my other half has just brought a cover for her 72 beetle

Just kampers

Breathable, and water proof , elastocated front and back for great fitment (also came with a lock so it's can't be removed without the key)

Very happy with it. Think it would be hard to beat as it fits exceptionally well .


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hi I am looking for 2 x 100mm old school hub covers for my herbie lookalike if anyone can help thanks


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hi does anyone have a cover for there bug from a company called Bug Rug I saw this cover as bug jam they are £99 they state that they are insulated to protect from moister they are made for the beetle and stretch from bumper to bumper looks good, but wanted to buy the right one  as winter approaches , does anyone have one or can recommend a cover supplier many thanks


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hi I am a proud new owner of a herbie lookalike, 1974 1300cc bug and a new member of your club it has been fitted with 1500 disc brakes before I brought it, I have just checked resivor and its empty not sure what fluid to put in, I have booked it in for a service next week but don't want to leave this as I haven't owned a bug for 20 years it s all new too me thanks for your advise