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Happy new year  everyone default/smile

Est 2004,  it is now our 15th year  of doing this shizzle


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bloody hell pete


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Here's a plug



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I'm going to give myself a pat on the back for the effort I put into the November News item this month default/smile

If there's anything anyone would like to add to it or there's things you'd like to put in the December one let me know.


Gary either pay the photobucket fee or sort out your forum signature  default/lol

Usual form, at the usual pub default/smile

Chelmsford Meeting

Thursday 12th October 2017 from 7:30 PM

The Horse & Groom Galleywood Common, Chelmsford, Essex CM2 8PJ

Farcebookers click here

Slammed Resto
Trousers McLeod
Colin Rook
George Rook

Terry Childs
Tim 'sicknote' Fox
Anna White
Toby Wall

.. and a load of others I can't be bothered to type lol

Not going:
Kieron 'Mr-Ron' the undedicated default/tongue


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The combined efforts  of Spooky  (mostly Spooky's efforts to eb fair)  and SX Dub Club and Splitterz are having an all comers welcome   Xmas party for likeminded folks as follows:

Fiver covers the buffet food and the band default/smile   You can camp out too if you're feelign brave default/smile

I have tickets,  or you can get them from Laura Turner or Paul Briedger as well.

Tickets will be available at the CHelmsford October and November meets from me default/smile



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Now in stock presently with me in Maldon and easiest way to get one will be to come to the Chelmsford meet on 12th October and after that they'll be with Gary Slammed Resto along with the other merch default/smile


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H-G wrote:

That the spanner who posted the thread was trying to organise an event for 2018  default/roll

You just got excited at the prospect of getting your mouth round a large portion of meat didn't you?


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well edited I'm sure nobody noticed    default/roll  default/smile

Think we might go - help break up the monotony of winter default/smile

Anyone else fancy it?


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2018???   I'm all for planning ahead Ian  but....  default/big_smile

Rusty Dubnuts wrote:

P.S. The December meet may not be at the Otter, sometimes we shake it up a bit  default/boing

Well let me know and I'll make the relevant changes to the ineterwebz

Now I've got an excitable bogey to drive I intend to get to one of these, however not this month as Abi has already arranged to meet up with someone at Kieron's in2Dubs on the very same evening.


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1) 2cv Paul
2) 2cv Paul
3) Technohippy
4) Colin Rook
5) Tim Fox
6) Slammed Resto (cos he has one of everything)
7) Gaz1980


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Mr ALWAYS COCA-COLA at the Chelmsford meet last night in a volkswagen  default/boing

Red of course...

and George Rook in his new red Lupo  (everyone wishes they were cool enough to own a Lupo) ably assisted by Coiln  default/respect


The folk from volksworld have been in touch again about club displays.

The usual,  we get 5 display spaces and up to 10 discounted tickets.

2017 price for two weeks from 15th Sept 2017
£10.00 per adult  plus £17.50 per camping plot.

£15.00 per adult and £30.00 per camping pitch....

yes that's £30.00... the discounteed price

   beardyskyfairy knows how much regular punter price is.

Put me down as popping along for the day   but I'm happy to sort the tickets out for anyone who wants in to display.


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Long term patients of the Splitterz asylum may recall in the dim and distant past we had embroidered wooly beanie hats  thus:

Now I lost my one some time ago, and 2cv Paul has been hassling me to get some more done for ages,  years in fact as his is getting somewhat threadbare.

So we're doing it,  they'll be a tenner each, so far I've got 6 preorders.

If anyone would like one please let me know as we'll have to get  a batch all at once and judging by previous form  it'll be ten years before we get another batch  default/lol

1) 2cv Paul
2) 2cv Paul
3) Technohippy
4) Colin Rook
5) Tim Fox
6) Slammed Resto (cos he has one of everything)


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Before I take it to the tip: FREE - Black faux leather electric "rise and recline" arm chair. All the electric bits work, it's a bit scruffy, would be perfect for a gamers or muso's mancave room for kicking back and chilling or if anyone that has trouble getting in and out of chairs and needs a bit of help standing up, or both. It's buried under another chair at the moment so no picture but google "black recliner armchair" and you'll get the idea, like that but scruffy and free if you come and get it from Maldon.

This chair is wipe-clean.

Andy...  this is like the Pr0nchair  but deluxe... and 240volt  lol


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Grill n Chill is a weekend long VW show held at the HopFarm in Kent and run by our friends at the Paintscrapers Club the other side of the river



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This is put on by Karl Rushen who put on the one at Barleylands I went to the other week.

That was very good,  very much a family fun day setup with an arena area with things like motorcycle stunt displays and stuff as entertainment and then the car show was in chunks in amongst the trader stalls.   So there was (in that case) an American car section with a  few related trade stalls and a couple of food stalls and then the same for modified class, japanese cars, german cars  etc etc     I thought it was very well done.

It is the same weekend as Grill n Chill and a lot will go the that instead I think, although currently our plan is to go to Grill n Chill on the saturday for a mooch around and then this on the Sunday


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Fixed default/big_smile   sorry bout that


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Fantasia Flob  default/big_smile

Since Photobucket has effectively died  by suddenly demanding you pay them so that your images appear in forums,   I decided to start using IMGUR


Here is a video where I create an album,  add an image to it,  view the image and copy and paste the code into the forum to put the image into my forum post.

Make sure you paste in the BBCode version as shown