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coffee and cars 9am as usual,   unless you're at volksworld of course default/smile


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Thursday 8th March 2018 from 7:30 PM
The Horse & Groom Galleywood Common, Chelmsford, Essex CM2 8PJ

There will not be snow

There will be "Wings of fire" and interesting conversation, some of it might even be about VWs,  even less of it will be serious

Bacefookers :

Sun 18 March 2018
09:00 – 14:00 GMT

City Beach
Marine Parade
ss1 2en

If your car is 25 years or older and you would like to be part of this unique event then book your place here -

https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/classic- … 00?aff=es2

Book now as there are limited spaces available, which are sure to fill up quickly. You will be required to bring evidence of your booking to participate in this event. ALL cars taking part must have valid M.O.T.'s and insurance.

Nige at Precious Metal in Billericay?    07985 397614


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If you're not crewing elemental  and you're camping.....

The earlybird £25 camping ticket discount ends  23:59:59   28th February

Then it's £30

There is not 1 second of give or take on this,  I've programmed it into the website default/smile



DUE TO ERM.... SNOW....    (it's all gone)

Banded Customs charity bacon meet

Sunday at 9:30–12:30

Banded Customs
Cutlers road,
Saaaarf Woodham Ferrers


can you hear is the motor still running?


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DVLA sent back my application for a numberplate for the Irish 100e because there is no VIN number on the Irish logbook.

A Ford 100e the engine number and the chassis number are the same, I wrote this on my application.

The Irish don't like repetition so having written it in next to engine number they didn't write it again next to the bit that says VIN on the line directly underneath.

Logbook has been rejected as part of the application for this vehicle.

So now I've got to pay £50 + travel for someone from the owners club to come and look at the car and write a dating letter.

Don't people have anything better to do that make other people's lives awkward?


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Oh yes I'll be thinking of you when I'm tucked up afterwards in the Travelodge we've booked right next door  default/lol


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Usually popular with the northern chapter

bills itself as *THE* classic VW show in the UK  default/roll   default/lol



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Usual form, the club has been going to this since we started being a club   and no sign of that changing any time soon default/smile

There will be club camping, please note this is rather old fashioned - we have to collect monies from everyone then post it off, they'll post back everyone's tickets to one person and then we have to distribute them.




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The best show in Essex in my opinion...

but then I may be  a bit biased.


Club camping and club display:   There will be some,  Gary Dunlop (slammedresto) usually sorts it


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default/rock   default/rock   default/rock   default/rock


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It's been asleep since the beginning of October,  it nearly had enough in the battery to start it but not quite.

30 mins on the charger and 2nd kick.... 

Still SORN until April though but a lovely sound none the less


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Also,  you've seen the 100e....    metal rub might help it  default/lol


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As you can see in the background, my neighbour has one for his mk3 Zodiac, and the neighbour the other side of him also has one for is MG.

There is established protocol here for holding them down in the windy default/smile

The back half is anchored to the ground using the tarmac fixings they use to hold speed bumps down with so then that M10 bolt is holing P clips around the tubular frame.

I'm awaiting the arrival of two leather dog collars (straps) from the bay of E, and then more fixings and P clips will go in on the corners and I'll use the leather straps through the P clips and round the frame to hold that opening end down default/smile


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I had an erection in my front garden today.

It was cold and I was struggling to get it up because it's quite big but Abi gave me a hand and it was up and sturdy in no time at all default/smile

Once it was all done we opened the flap up  and I drove it in.




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You'll fit right in at both meets default/big_smile


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if you're what "they" call normal you might not come back  default/roflol


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slammedresto wrote:

it's at the Swan pub in Rayne. Thursday 15th Feb. always the week after splitterz

yeah but shhh  cos that's not technically a Splitterz meet and is always the same night as Cambs lol and the nice man might want to meet the other lot not just see us again a week later  default/big_smile  default/lol


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Yep default/smile   i like it because it was £600 with 62K miles on it - i've grown to love the colour lol


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subtle isn't it? default/smile


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Blue oval that is........


all the way from Dundalk  default/big_smile
now to do the DVLA dance of "we lsot your documents" etc and get it registered


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Gaz1980 wrote:

I actually only just moved to dunmow way so thought I'd head to the Chelmsford meet, but I do still have my office just outside Cambridge so could do the otter meet also. I know I don't drive an "old" dub lol just a slammed mk3 golf but definitely want to get out to a meet next month.

I've got an old one  but I quite happily turn up in this too default/smile


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*slaps slammedresto*  default/big_smile