Cracking turnout last night, with newbies too!!

I didn't get to chat to everyone but we did manage a cheeky livestream on the Facebook page!!   default/lol

Roll call ladies and gentlefolk!

Sir Buns of Ruyshire


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default/boing  default/boing


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That is a good erection.  Do let me know how it fares in windy conditions.  I would hate for metal rub.


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I just need to remember to grab a pair of running boards from you!


Anyone know of anyone with a pair of good doors?  I need a pair and ideally with as little work required as possible and with both mirror mounts.



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Gotta love a green VW!!

I have a couple of ads up on VZi at the moment for a pair of Hookys A pillar bottoms, for later beetles and a pair of braces that screw into the hinge plates and door catch to prevent twisting of the body when replacing heater channels.

Hit me up if interested.


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The Man Called Lee....... wrote:

Hi & a massive welcome to Splitterz


Glad to hear you own a couple of toys............. liking the Blue bug. I think I may have to get you drunk at our forth-coming meet so I can do a deal with you.........

There's a reason why they call me Niffler.............

You'll find out soon!

This sounds so wrong but Lee is a very nice man who doesn't take advantage of women or fellow dubbers.... much  default/lol


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Very nice bugs!  Good to see someone else flying the flag!  Too many T25s in my opinion   default/wink


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Never used flushing oil.  Just let it drain out   default/lol

I bought a can of this: … l-20w50-5l

There will be other recommendations no doubt


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Bang goes my route to moving Ruy  default/lol

Technohippy wrote:

He showed up on a mutual and non VW friend's facebook the other day too Gary
It appears he hasn't met the same fate as gingerbob  default/boing

I don't know.  Cats helping with jigsaws versus crossfit workout pics....

Think its a score draw   default/lol


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For me the first part of the year is littered with study so on my list is:

Possibly VoWoSho
Defo Stanford Hall
Alive and VDubbin
Viva Skegvegas

Considering DATH but people give it mixed reviews


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So I reckon your van will be back with you in February/March after the conversation I had yesterday....   

Its a good job I have exams to focus on and not a beetle to restore!   default/lol

or this  default/roflol

like this  default/smile

Its easy to spot the people who don't work...

and those that also help organise events which use sections of this forum for communications thus getting a higher post count than some others...  default/lol

If the stats were only for the general sections of the forum it might look a bit different   default/big_smile

I also remember the days when a certain MMX was post dumping by just leaving a smilie


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I try to buy computers at a really good price for clever people who then decide they will buy it themselves at twice the price and blame me.


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You need to talk to Murph.  He had a Mk3 Golf that was pretty low.  Ask him about speed bumps...


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Check out the Meets and Events section.  The Cambridge gang have discussed going to the following next summer:

Stanford Hall
Alive and VDubbin

With maybe a few others such as Dubs at the Hall and Whitenoise thrown in for good measure


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default/hello  Welcome to default/splitterz

Or two!  After that £5 Peroni!   default/lol

Hiya and welcome!

Agree with HG - there are a few of us who are willing to give a hand if needed.  I take it by asking for mobile mechanic you aren't confident in getting the buggy moving to take it to a garage?