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Hi Dave,

Following our chat about van covers last night I thought I'd have a look for a decent quality one for you.

This bad boy seems to be the calibre we were talking about...


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Hi Ian... this may (or may not) be of interest to you:

http://www.ssvc.org.uk/phpbb/viewtopic. … p;t=104744


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I think Tom switched Cliff's engine with the one in my bus!  default/tongue

Thanks for this link. I think a lot of this relates to running with a 009 distributor and I'm rattling around with a vacuum advance unit.

I'm going to have another 'tinker' tonight. As I've changed soooo many components in the engine bay I'm starting to run out of action points. That said tonight I'm going to remove the fuel tap (from by the fuel tank), change the condenser and check the valve clearances (again).

As the problem only happens after such a long drive and whilst the engine is under load (i.e. high revs or a hill) I'm also thinking that maybe the timing is too far advanced and therein running too lean at high revs. This would cause the temp to go up and the engine to miss/hesitate.

I think I'm going to ask Fran/Ian to take a strobe gun along on Thursday as this problem is really becoming a bit of an obsession.

Hi chaps...

Well I left for a camping trip on Friday and then after 30 mins had to turn around due to excessive hesitation (Grrrr). The engine was as smooth as silk until the issue started. As I approached Thrapston (A14) I noticed that the temperature was sneaking up past 80 degrees C and headed for 100. As it met and started to pass the 100 mark, the hesitation came on in full force. Alas we turned and headed home, where I switched to the daily driver.

Last night, after we got back from camping, I switched the carb for a solex 34 pict 3 I had knocking about and again the van drove beautifully... until, after about 30/40 mins of driving, the temp suddenly started to climb to 100 degrees C and then the hesitation set in.

I've now changed the coil and I'll check my valves again. If this doesn't cut it then I suspect I've got something seriously amis in one of my cylinders... like a stuffed piston ring or sticky valve.

It never normally takes me this long to solve an issue but then I never normally have to do such a long drive to force the problem to appear!  default/sad


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Oops it seems they've already 'relocated' to the Bluntisham tip. Apologies as I took too long to get back to my dad.  default/hmm


So last night I got home from work and attacked the van (again). I fitted the new fuel filter (next to the shut off tap - under the tank). I insulated the metal length of fuel pipe in the engine bay. I reset my points, changed the distributor cap and rotor. I then removed the carb and took it apart and cleaned it (found quite a few issues - lots of crud and damaged gaskets). I changed some fuel lines too (to get rid of the metal braided stuff - i.e. it could short the coil if in wrong position). Lastly I left the fuel cap on loose.

Then I went for a long drive...

...and even though I sat on the A14 at the heady height of 60mph the van didn't miss a beat. Relatively speaking I ragged it for an hour, trying to force the hesitation issue, but no issue came!

Sooo I think I'm the other side of this problem. My thought is that the carb was to blame. The van is much zestier and may actually be running a bit rich now. At the MOT the tester enriched the mix because it was running lean but I think that the carb was leaking all along.

So a question for the clever sticks - can I just wind out my air mix screw on the 30 pict 3 to thin out the mix?

No never had a fuel filter fitted. May fit a quality one now though. I'll pop it downwind of the shutoff tap under my tank.

Thanks for your thoughts gents  default/smile


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Cool progress...

... but IMHO please do fit the bumpers.

A Porsche without bumpers is like dinner without cutlery!

Eyup Fran, Yes typo there I meant 180 degrees F! I think there would be melted heads at 180 degrees C!!! If anything it seems to now run slightly cool... nearer 82 degrees C (unless my gauge is out).

Thanks also Ian - I'd not considered vapour lock! My metal fuel line does go right up against the manifold, so it could be that. Problem is also worse on warmer days.

I think I'll have a look at that fuel line and then at the carb for dirt in the float chamber and around the jets.

Mrs is camping in the van shortly so I need to get this one properly squared away or I'll be living in the van on the drive!

Hi Guys,

Now as I'm sure most of you may be aware I am running a 1600cc TP standard aircooled engine.

The engine has been running just fine for a long time. But recently it has started hesitating badly after it’s been driving for a while. This hesitation will start after the engine is up to a certain temperature, over 180 degrees C (i.e. after about 20-30 mins of driving). It starts as a gentle occasional miss and becomes gradually worse (over the next 10 mins) until the engine is barely running at all – i.e. it is farting/coughing holding back and not firing. If I pull over the engine idles perfectly fine! Added to that, if I leave the engine to cool down (by running or turning off) for 15 mins it will run 100% fine after that too!?!?! (until it gets too hot again)

Before now I have assumed that I had a timing issue. The timing and value clearances have just been reset. The points, coil, condenser and leads have all been changed.
I’m running out of ideas as to what to attack next! The general temp doesn't seem to rise much above 180 degrees C...?!?! I'm at a loss.


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My dad has a load of Volksworld/Camper and Bus style of magazines that he's going to part company with. He doesn't want money for them but asked me to see if anyone here wanted them... before they were taken to the tip.

I am assured that they are in good condition - some are 100% unread.

They would need to be collected from St Ives and I'm thinking there is a fair few boxes of them.


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The Buns wrote:

Roy is alive!

Is 'Roy' just a shortened version of Cliff?  default/tongue


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I have to agree... it looks so much better than the first picture you've posted.  default/rock


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Buns... we do vet potential residents don't you know! We can't have any old riff raff soiling our marbled pavements.

Bit of a hot potato is this! The general rule of thumb (according to the St Ives Estate Agents) is the nearer to the actual town is more desirable, but naturally pricier. We see lots of housey adverts mention being 'south of St Audrey's Lane' as if it were a positive. That's the Huntingdon road with the BP and Shell on it.

If you're 'Ottering' Thursday you'll have lots of St Ives folk to speak to about this (some Brampton wannabees too).

The Buns wrote:

I have heard there is a lot of bird watching that goes on near Warren Lodge

Sounds more like cock fighting!  default/tongue


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Don't' think you're on your own... I'm forever bumbling my way through issues on my 1600 TP. We always get there in the end but it can be frustrating. This is me just this weekend:


Funnily enough its got to come out again before the meet next Thursday! I may be walking.

Like t'uthers say, come along to a meet. There's a lot of knowledge and like minded folk there.  default/cool


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Ooh look at you girls comparing who's 'gone down' the best!  default/tongue


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The van is actually full to the brim - a shed within a garage if you will. Underneath it there is a spare wheel, full 60's awning, jacks, lift, some body parts and next year’s supply of mosquitoes... oh and the obligatory pool of oil!

I've hiked around in Sharkus' cave and let me tell you – roomy isn’t the word! Parking his bus in there is like cycling yer bike around in St Pauls! You couldn’t squeeze a prayer under his bus though!


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I'm not shy. Tis tighter than a submarines hatch in my cave (ooer missus)...



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Ohhh just found this... thanks for checking up H-G. I've checked the dates but sadly I'm away on rugby tour to Malta for those dates.  default/big_smile


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Twas good to chat up with folk last night, its been a while!

Many thanks to Fran for the cool little light up model. This was very generous of you, not to mention impressive hand skills.   default/guinness


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tugboat_tam wrote:

Gutted cant make it this month and people are just starting to come out the wood work  default/tongue   hopefully see reaction and AJ again soon.

Ah yes the winter woodwork... we're like slugs that hide ourselves in there till the councils put away their salt!

Hopefully catch up soon Tam  default/big_smile


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H-G wrote:

Bringing the list of suspect together:

I'm drinking shandy

H-G (I'll drive this evening)
Murph - seat with H-G
RD - seat with H-G

Washing hair

The Buns

I'll pop along to say hello tonight. Won't be in the van though as its waiting for me to do the alternator conversion... no charging at night = bad idea!


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Bah... just found this post! Must log in more often.

I would've been all over that RHD splash pan - I want one bad!