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Tis a new year, same third Thursday, same time, same pub...who's in?

Got a cold:

Can't be arsed:

What carb do you have and what’s wrong with the current distributor?

3rd Thursday so who’s up for a final Ottering?

Will email the restaurant to let them know that people will order from the standard dinner menu.

I have now got the Christmas menu however due to my ineptitude with posting pictures combined with Photbucket now charging for to privilage here is the Festive Menu in long hand.

If you wish to order form this menu then I need to let them know asap so please get back to me with your order.  The standard menu is available and you can order on the night if you prefer.

Standard dinner menu - http://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/604537_55 … 10f52a.pdf

If I don’t receive a menu choice I will assume that you will be ordering from the normal menu on the night.


- Tiger Prawns and Smoked Salmon cocktail
- Spiced Parsnip Soup
- Applewood smoked and Fig Glazed 1/4 rack of baby-back ribs
- 3 bird terrine with chutney


- Roast turkey with Pigs in Blankets, roasting, seasonal veggies, cauliflower cheese and a yourshire
- Rolled pork loin stuffed with pork and leek sausage meat with roasties, pigs in blankets and stuffing.
- Half Roasted butternut squash with spiced Mediterranean veggies and tomato infused rice with a panco and Parmesan crust and goats cheese salad
- Poached smoked haddock and blurred bland sauce topped with a poached egg, served with mash and bacon braised kale.


- Christmas Pud and brandy sauce
- Apple and Gooseberry crumble with custard
- Lemon and LIne cheesecake with a lemon and lime crisp
- Chocolate stampede with chantilly cream
- Tea or coffee with a homemade mince pie.


2 courses - £24.95
3 courses - £32.50

‘Tis booked. Arrive at 1800 to sit down at 1830.  We are just ahead of a group of 40!!

Today being the 23rd, I’ll call in the reservation - 10 peeps total (add Mr and Mrs Niffler)

Anyone wanting to join the festive throng, please call Jiggers and add your name to the group booking. Will be under the name Griffiths.

RD - it's been a while
H-G - see you all there



I’ve booked a table at Jiggers at Old Hurst for 7th Dec arrive at 1830, eat at 1900.  Initially for 16. It numbers need to be confirmed by 23 Nov.

If you’d like places at the table add your names and those of any family going you below please.


Could I have:

- The straight cut cam gears.
- The lower pulley tinware piece (second one down from the top with just the cutout for the dipstick).
- The upper pulley tinware piece.

I already have the following:

- The 6th pic in Aircooled Engine (tinware - fanshroud, barrel tinware, wiper parts).
- The aluminium sprung push rod tubes.
- The oil cooler (for niffler)

I can no longer do 14th Dec so after chatting with the chaps at the meet last week, I am going to propose that we have the festive frolicking on Thurs 7th Dec and then a normal meet on Thurs 21st.

So far, Jiggers seems to be the popular vote as the venue.

Unless anyone come back with alternative venues or dates, I’ll look to provisionally book Jiggers in early Nov so we have a marker in the restaurant diary.


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That time of the month again.

Who’s In:

Who’s Out:

Who’s doesn’t know; doesn’t care; or give a tuppany:

Rusty Dubnuts wrote:
Technohippy wrote:

well edited I'm sure nobody noticed    default/roll  default/smile

Noticed what?

That the spanner who posted the thread was trying to organise an event for 2018  default/roll

Dunno what you're on about default/big_smile

Yes its still many many sleeps before the years out and most of you have not yet even thought about the impending torrent of advertising useless toys that will never see it past Boxing Day, DeAgostini magazines with an extra-ordinarily detailed model that will cost you 'just' £4000 pounds over 3 years to complete (sounds a bit like Mr 356 just cheaper!) and the constant bombardment of carols from the wireless, but going to ask peeps to post up thoughts for a venue for the December meet which can then be agreed at the Oct gathering.

The past few years, to avoid overly crowded venues and the majority of works events we have had the December meet on the second Thursday so going to propose the same for this year so that would be Thursday 14th Dec.

As for venue please add your suggestion below:

- Jiggers Steakhouse at Johnsons of Oldhurst
- The Lazy Otter
- Arbuckles Ely

Who's in?

Who's not?

Who's a maybe?
Buns (save you a job there matey)


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Either that or we have work with laser printers default/smile


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Are you able to share a PDF or similar so we can print a few off?

On my todo list for the weekend but now return for the US on the Sunday so better head home and wash my socks.

Hope the weather is good and a great time is had by all..

Like this one Terry - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-Bosch-Head … 2235436980

Or a new modern replacement - http://www.alanhschofield.com/ourparts/ … 583AC.html


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This weekend will indeed be one of the fettling sort chap.  Kettle is on.


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Hullo. Welcome to Splitterz.  default/hello

Look forward to seeing you at the Otter sometime soon.


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Personally I would not use it.  Yes it's designed to remove sludge and the like, but the standard VW aircooled engine does not have an oil filter to catch anything that is 'dislodged'. Therefore it could find its way into one of the smaller oil galleries or into the oil cooler, restricting oil flow causing oil starvation or preventing proper cooling. 

Modern oils (even the 'classic' motor oils) have detergents and additives in them that should clean the engine; combine that with regular oil changes and you should have no need to use any oil flushes.

Get into the habit of changing the oil every 3-4000 miles or once a year and all should be fine.


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Slowly but surely. I think this weekend was quite a significant step regarding wiring to be honest as all that really remains is tidying up loose ends.


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A productive cave weekend with a little help from the Niffler.

I now have working instruments with all lights and working lights working as they should. Took me a while to fathom out why the indicator warning light would continually flash, however a revisit of the diagram shows that it has a switch live feed and earthed through the indicators. Also have a working speedo (managed a top speed of 20mph). Courtesy lights for each footwell with a 'lights on' audio warning if I open the drivers doors with the lights on.

One more weekend like this one and I think we will be ready to take the completed loom out and wrap it. 

The Niffler got busy with saws and files and has fitted the drivers side door retaining strap.

Still on the electrical to do list:

Start button
Connect the fuel pump
Connect the brake reservoir
Earth the seats
Change the high level brake light
Remove and wrap the loom
Reinstall the finished loom

I've decided to leave DRLs off after spending some time trying to get them to loom right in the headlights and also thinking about where the controller would need to go. If anyone out there is thinking of fitting DRLs then let me know as I now have a proper controller going spare.

I'll look to sort a short video out the next time I have a willing assistant over to play.