RD is offline for a few days so may be a while coming back to you.

If you can wait until the weekend I tend to get GSF discount codes which I can pass on to you.

What carb do you have and what’s wrong with the current distributor?

Could I have:

- The straight cut cam gears.
- The lower pulley tinware piece (second one down from the top with just the cutout for the dipstick).
- The upper pulley tinware piece.

I already have the following:

- The 6th pic in Aircooled Engine (tinware - fanshroud, barrel tinware, wiper parts).
- The aluminium sprung push rod tubes.
- The oil cooler (for niffler)


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Either that or we have work with laser printers default/smile


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Are you able to share a PDF or similar so we can print a few off?

On my todo list for the weekend but now return for the US on the Sunday so better head home and wash my socks.

Hope the weather is good and a great time is had by all..

Like this one Terry - … 2235436980

Or a new modern replacement - … 583AC.html


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This weekend will indeed be one of the fettling sort chap.  Kettle is on.


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Hullo. Welcome to Splitterz.  default/hello

Look forward to seeing you at the Otter sometime soon.


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Personally I would not use it.  Yes it's designed to remove sludge and the like, but the standard VW aircooled engine does not have an oil filter to catch anything that is 'dislodged'. Therefore it could find its way into one of the smaller oil galleries or into the oil cooler, restricting oil flow causing oil starvation or preventing proper cooling. 

Modern oils (even the 'classic' motor oils) have detergents and additives in them that should clean the engine; combine that with regular oil changes and you should have no need to use any oil flushes.

Get into the habit of changing the oil every 3-4000 miles or once a year and all should be fine.


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Slowly but surely. I think this weekend was quite a significant step regarding wiring to be honest as all that really remains is tidying up loose ends.


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A productive cave weekend with a little help from the Niffler.

I now have working instruments with all lights and working lights working as they should. Took me a while to fathom out why the indicator warning light would continually flash, however a revisit of the diagram shows that it has a switch live feed and earthed through the indicators. Also have a working speedo (managed a top speed of 20mph). Courtesy lights for each footwell with a 'lights on' audio warning if I open the drivers doors with the lights on.

One more weekend like this one and I think we will be ready to take the completed loom out and wrap it. 

The Niffler got busy with saws and files and has fitted the drivers side door retaining strap.

Still on the electrical to do list:

Start button
Connect the fuel pump
Connect the brake reservoir
Earth the seats
Change the high level brake light
Remove and wrap the loom
Reinstall the finished loom

I've decided to leave DRLs off after spending some time trying to get them to loom right in the headlights and also thinking about where the controller would need to go. If anyone out there is thinking of fitting DRLs then let me know as I now have a proper controller going spare.

I'll look to sort a short video out the next time I have a willing assistant over to play.


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It's been a (long) time since I last posted and to be honest, I had lost a bit of motivation towards the end of last year.  A new job also took it's toll as I don't really have any time of an evening now. So a New Year, an infra-red heater and a renewed vigor ands we have made a few decent steps forward.

Since the last post I've done:

- Brakes all bled and working
- Primary loom in and lights working
- Secondary loom fitted with fuse and relay boxes
   -- This only energizes with the ignition on and will power things like heated windscreen, heated seat etc.
- Fog light controller up and running
- Brake test buttons and lights all working
   -- This incorporates the hand brake warning light and I have used the test button as a fuel pump over-ride so I can prime the carbs if I've been working on them or the car has stood for a while.
- Speedo cable driven pulse generation fitted to run the digital speedo
- Headlight relays fitted
   -- This means that the current through the switch is only to energize a relay; the relay then allows 12v (plus) directly from the battery up to the headlights.
- Heated Windscreen circuit in and working (no screen yet)
- Power to the seats in (allows the seats to be adjusted for the IVA and will power the heated seats post-IVA)

There are still a few things to finish with wiring and then I can remove the entire loom so that I can wrap it and then do the final fit:

- Courtesy Lights and lights on buzzer
- Prepare for the fog / reversing light relay (this will allow me to use the reversing light in the number plate uplighted as both the reversing light and the fog light)
- DRL controller
- Start Button
- Speedo loom
- Instuments

Seems like a lot, but I think a couple of good weekends and we will be about there.

Once done, it will be probably the biggest job yet out of the way. It's also the job which once done, is unlikely to be visited again for many many years so I think a bit of time here will pay off in the future.

I'll look to post a few picutres up soon, but if I'm honest, at the end of the day it doesn't really look like much has happened!

Once this is done, I'm thinking it's time to focus on the engine bay and get that sorted, an engine fitted and, fingers cross, started.

Oh other news

I did buy a bit of bling - … Itemid=119 Can't fit it for the IVA but I'm sure I'll have a trial fit soon. 

And the fuel tank is now under construction  default/boing

Send RD a note as I seem to recal that he was after a tow bar for his Bay.

I turn unreasonable demands and irrational thinking into usable things for people to do stuff in.

Morning Will,

No committee, No membership fee, just a bunch of VW nuts with a passion for it.

Always good to hear of potentially new shows, especially if they are in the local(ish) area.

The club is spread far and wide and reaches well beyond the Cambridgeshire boarders so I would suggest starting a new thread in the Events tab to advertise your event.

If you have flyers etc to put out, then have a word with Techno and see if he minds you heading down to Elemental in April to promote your show either by flyering cars or even a small stand on the show field.

You may also want to see about heading to some of the monthly meets to drum up some support; we have all attended a few shows now so would be happy to share good, bad or indifferent experiences which you may find useful in organising your show. A number of those who attend the Essex meets are organisers of some of the best shows in the VW calendar and may be willing to provide advice.

Best of luck with it; I look forward to hearing more about the show and to seeing you at the Lazy Otter in the New Year.



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Hullo Gareth  default/hello

Welcome to Splitterz.

We usually meet on the 3rd Thurs of the month at the Lazy Otter on the A10 however next month we are stepping away to have a bit of a festive meal at Jiggers at Johnsons of Old Hurst so please don't head to the Otter in Dec.

Stay posted for up coming meets and show events.

Look forward to meeting you soon.

Gingerbread Rogers and Fred Eclair

Prefab Sprouts

Dame Sherbert Bassey

The Bratwurst Pack

Hobo Jones and the Junkyard Hotdogs

The S'mores.

The Chockheads

Toasts of Men.

Bread Zepplin

Rick Pasty

Sole II sole

The Peach Boys

Depends where you place your leisure battery I guess?

This is the night heater is mentioned over the weekend. … eater.html

Hullo roadrunner and welcome to Splitterz land.  default/hello

I'm not aware of any mobile mechanics in the Cambs area, but if you would wish to use a garage to do the work I could recommend Glenn at Binnie and Juggins in Needingworth.

Alternatively, does your friend want to learn how to look after their Buggy? If so, there are a number of experienced club members in the Cambridge area that may be willing to guide them through the work.

It would be useful to know where In Cambs your friend is.


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So what are you running engine wise at the moment?  I'm planning to fit a fully blueprinted and dynamically balanced 1915, total seal rings, eagle 120 (or similar), Scat mini-D heads with port matched manifolds and twin Del 40s. I have most of the parts already but for IVA will see if I can borrow a stock lump.

I am hoping that the tank I use will provide some much needed additional weight.