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Hello and welcome. I've got a 66 Westy which sometimes gets to the meets, if the wind is blowing in the right direction, there's absolutely no chance of any precipitation and I get my arse in gear!!!  default/cool  default/cool  default/cool


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Welcome dude, see you in January, look forward to seeing the Golf.


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Welcome to a group of old farts that sit around talking about engines all evening, well that's what the girls think we do anyway!!  default/cool  default/cool  default/cool


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As the guys have said, just shout when you need a hand. Where is it moving to, are you putting it in the back garden?


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For the side windows I use blinds I had made up out of a thick blackout type of material and used neodymium magnets from this site - http://e-magnetsuk.com/magnet_products/ … gnets.aspx to hold them in place, on the sunniest of days it blacks the van out completely.
For the front and back I use screen wraps from here - http://www.bromsgroveautotrim.com/, this is also where I got the blackout material from.
I wont be bringing Grace to the next meeting but you are more than welcome to pop over and take a look.

Oh and that ride is fooooooking gorgeous, very envious!!

Looking forward to seeing it at the Lazy Otter sometime.

AnGeL wrote:

I can thoroughly recommend Matt Balls at Balls'd in Mildenhall. As Rusty says, he used to work for T2D as workshop manager but left because he didn't want his name associated with the decisions that were being made there.

Totally agree, Matt is an absolute legend of a bloke, cant recommend him high enough.

On the subject of T2D, I wont be going there again, had some interesting experiences!


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You cant beat a bit of water beading.........


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Wot you talkin bout Willis?!?!


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That's looking awesome fella, looking forward to seeing the body on.

As far as bumpers are concerned my initial response would have been bumper less as I love Beetles without bumpers, but after seeing that cracking pic put up by Tom I'd say bumpers all the way but no over riders or towel rails.


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I've got a shed load at work fella, what size are you looking for?


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The Buns wrote:

I also need to thank Sharkus for his fuel pump!  Very kind of you sir!

My pleasure fella, glad it went to a good home and glad Roy is all sorted.


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Awesomness, looking forward to seeing those smooth lines  default/love  default/love


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I can see Reactions van in the background bug I can't see Angel, but then I do need my eyes testing!!


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Ok so I'm lost, I can't see either on those pages. Marvs van is in the background on page 60 though.


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Welcome fella


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I've lived in St.Ives for 35 years, yes I know I don't look old enough default/big_smile , and I love the place. South of Houghton Road/St.Audreys lane is very desirable but there are other nice areas.


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Reaction wrote:
The Buns wrote:

I have heard there is a lot of bird watching that goes on near Warren Lodge

Sounds more like cock fighting!  default/tongue

PMSL  default/lol  default/lol  default/lol  default/love  default/love  default/love  default/love


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AnGeL wrote:

Whad'ya mean Sharkus!? Mine's 60" to the roof gutters you know!

You measure it gutter to floor dude, not gutter to curb  default/tongue


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AnGeL wrote:

I see you have valuable storage space under your van Reaction! Having just had Dolly lowered I'm mourning the loss of mine. The three original wheels with tyres, two aluminium work tressels, petrol can (snap!) and tool box now have to be stored in the shed!  default/sad

Pah, if I have storage space under mine you will have under yours!

I've got a piece of skirting board under mine  default/big_smile


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Ooh I think I've let a little bit of sex wee out default/big_smile  default/big_smile

They are stunning fella, very very nice.


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Have just caught up with this thread. Nice going fella, can't believe those drop spindles where second hand, very nice indeed, a lot shinier than mine were.

So wheels?

Oh and I've FB'd you  default/wink


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Technohippy wrote:

Buns,  these are all Hoodies  no tshirts I assume

sharkus123 if you can send as a gift so there's no transaction fee to  paypal  to  david (at)  davidhowe (dot) co (dot) uk   that'd be lovely

Cheers Techno, money has been sent.

So just to clarify can I have a XL Hoodie with large logo on the back with a small logo on the front

Ta muchley


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H-G wrote:

Sharkus, PM The Buns regarding getting the pennies to Techno.

I've been chatting to Buns by text, he's already paid Techno for all of yours so I've got to find a way of paying Techno, my fault I should've made my mind up earlier. 

So Techno is this possible and if so how would you like me to get the funds to you?


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Techno am I too late to order an XL hoodie with the same design as the other Cambridge guys and girls?