3 Flushing Oil

by DaveAngel

4 Need to go low...

by Gaz1980

6 Tuning needed

by kayjay283

7 jacking points

by herbiesam

8 Heavy duty floor pans

by Sir Buns

10 Gasket Kit/ repair

by AidanC98

12 Pop up roof

by Howie58

13 Herbie might be ill

by herbiesam

14 balancing

by beastofabug

15 Engine Builders

by beastofabug

16 Electric washer pump

by Howie58

17 Preparing body work

by Howie58

18 Roof bars or roofrack?

by Sir Buns

19 Re-spray or wrap?

by Howie58

20 T25 Gear Selection Big Issue!

by Carlos Spicy Weiner

23 Engine Swap Help

by mark_BOY

24 Roy

by Sir Buns

25 Door Cards

by Melvin-X-Buggalo

26 Can anyone help???

by tomcat

28 Slamming a mk4 static ??

by Jameslapaint