After a recent one line ad i thought it might be worth while pointing out the obvious for those posting For Sale and Wanted threads.

Firstly [size=3]please include in the thread title whether the thread is a for sale or wanted[/size] thread, an example of a thread title can be:

FOR SALE 1964 1600 Beetle


WANTED new wife (must understand the VW obsession)

that sort of thing... you get the picture, just makes it easier to read the first post as you know which type it is, not all of the forum members are mind readers default/smile

Next, please include an [size=3]adequate description of the item you are selling[/size], you are trying to SELL someone something, so sell it, tell the readers about it and try and get them excited about it.  It will stop people asking the obvious questions... well hopefully.

If you are selling a vehicle, please try and [size=3]include at least one photo[/size] of it, the more the better really, again it stops silly questions that might arise, like the colour, overall condition of the vehicle that sort of thing, you can tell a lot about a car by a few pictures. (if you are unsure of how to post photos on the forum please click here)

Please include a [size=3]Price [/size]and rough [size=3]Location[/size] of whatever it is you are selling, even if you are a regular on the forum, new comers may not know you and may have found your ad via google or the like...

Lastly [size=3]a way of contacting you[/size], the easiest thing to do is make sure your email address is up to date on your forum profile, as long as your email address is up to date people can get in contact with you via the link under your username, or obviously by posting on the thread if they are signed up to the forum.

If anyone has anything that they think should be added here please do contribute, the above was just what i could quickly think of default/smile

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