Topic: What you doing this year?

Looking at this list I need to go to more things as a punter!!!

25-26 Mar - Volksworld Show
8/9/10 Apr -  Elemental VW Show *
28-30 Apr - Cosmic Puffin Music Festival *
26-28 May - Bearded Theory Music Festival *
16-18 June - Battlesbridge VW Show
7-9 July -  Bundle O'Dubz *
18-20 Aug - Beautiful Days Music Festival
25-31 Aug - Hobofest Music Festival *
29 Sep 1st Oct - Something Else in the Dean Music Festival *

I assume Brighton Breeze is the weekend after the Dean,  if it is I'm going

* working

Elemental VW Show #12  Hawaiian Party 7th April 2018
Tickets on sale now
Book now for early bird discount - if you're camping, remember to select Splitterz in the camping booking section default/smile

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Re: What you doing this year?

For me the first part of the year is littered with study so on my list is:

Possibly VoWoSho
Defo Stanford Hall
Alive and VDubbin
Viva Skegvegas

Considering DATH but people give it mixed reviews
Restoring Ruy - my restoration blog