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So I'm going to do the first oil change since I got Primrose!

Has anyone used a flushing oil before an oil change, is it worth using?

also what oil are you using?

Thanks in Advance

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Never used flushing oil.  Just let it drain out   default/lol

I bought a can of this: … l-20w50-5l

There will be other recommendations no doubt
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Re: Flushing Oil

Personally I would not use it.  Yes it's designed to remove sludge and the like, but the standard VW aircooled engine does not have an oil filter to catch anything that is 'dislodged'. Therefore it could find its way into one of the smaller oil galleries or into the oil cooler, restricting oil flow causing oil starvation or preventing proper cooling. 

Modern oils (even the 'classic' motor oils) have detergents and additives in them that should clean the engine; combine that with regular oil changes and you should have no need to use any oil flushes.

Get into the habit of changing the oil every 3-4000 miles or once a year and all should be fine.

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Re: Flushing Oil

A proper 'flushing oil' is only for use on newly reconned engines and it's a thinner oil for 'flushing' the galleries and getting into all the small, thinner crevices.  What i think you're revering to is an engine flush which is a liquid you add to your existing engine oil to help it clear out the engine of sludge and deposits.

Personally, I would use the engine flush as you don't know the history of the oil changes the engine has been exposed to.  I tend to use it whenever I change the oil in an aircooled to help stop possible hotspots developing through deposit build up.  If you can, then fit a magnetic oil drain plug which will help catch any random bit of metal that may be floating around the engine.

If it helps, I've just used this on my black Bug and T25 diesel. … esel-425ml

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Re: Flushing Oil

Of course if you really want to get the inside of your engine nice and clean  I'd recommend from experience parking it up in your garage with a full tank of petrol and a stuck IDF float valve you didn't know about and leaving it a while  default/hmm

....  twice.....   default/hmm

Expensive oil change  but dam my engine is clean

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Re: Flushing Oil

Thanks for the advice on oil and flushing its really helpful!

Thanks H-G I want to get into the habit of a yearly service and oil change.

Rusty do I need to shove that oil in and run the engine for a while before draining the oil out and I've been looking at the magnetic sump plugs but didn't know if they were any good.