Topic: 1969 Beetle For Sale

1969 Beetle For Sale

I have just been asked to get a Beetle through an MOT and after that its up for sale . Its not mine but I have been asked to sell it. It looks a lot better than most and here are its details:

Beetle is a 1969 1500 model
Gearbox is still the original 1500 version
Engine is a replacement 1300 twin manifold
Exhaust is a twin silencer box
New battery

Front beam is an adjustable version
Has been lowered all round
Has genuine vw  marathon beetle wheels, including spare. All 4 on the car have only had a few hundred miles driven on then.

Exterior chrome work removed prior to re-spray
Front valance and rear valence to pre 67 panels.
Rear valance is removable and exhaust ports covered
Bonnet and bood lid to pre 67 versions
All 4 wings are pre 67 style day mouldings fiberglass wings
Head lights are pre 67 with inner indicator bulbs

Alluminium bumper bars added
Heater channels were solid
Roof guttering solid
Battery tray solid
Battery is new only 2 months ago
Underside has been painted in hammarite paint
Running board and wing bolts replaced with stainless steel versions

Issues known
Damaged drivers side door by bottom hinge
Chipped paint scrape on roof which was painted in
Rear valance has a drill hole in from a previous number plate mount.
Engine bay lid held in place by split pin (was enough to get it through previous mots though not ideal as involves putting hand through and around exhaust (careful if hot))
Window winder mechanisms faulty. Have to pull window up whilst winding up to get past half way on drivers side.
The interior needs work too but its an off white colour so spares are common

Once I have MOTd it anybody interested will be able to come and see it

Would make good buggy conversion but imho its to good for that
  Mad V .

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Re: 1969 Beetle For Sale

How much are you looking for chap and where is the car located? Thanks.

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Re: 1969 Beetle For Sale

Hi. I will advise you on the price when I have a good look underneath.

Re: 1969 Beetle For Sale

Ok it now has a MOT

And new rear brakes

Ok the bad points what I have found

Headlight cover missing
Has a big flatspot but you can drive it as I replaced the new Solex(!!!) carb and adjusted the timing
The floorpan is solid. The body  has been welded but is solid
Clutch bearing seems noisey -
Some wiring needs tidying
Interior needs sorting.


If I was building a Bugle then this would be an idea car for a donor.

Re: 1969 Beetle For Sale

Hi buddy,
Do you still have this for sale? I've been water cooled for 3 years and enough is enough!

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Re: 1969 Beetle For Sale

I rather like that Tony default/smile

  but unelss you'll take a low mileage 6n polo and a Lupo with a duff engine  I'm out  lol

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