Topic: The never ending search for a transverse 20valve turbo

So as many of yoaru may know,   Minty the 6N Polo was the meat in a Vauxhall Vivaro & Ford Focus sandwich recently and has gone to the great VW show in the sky.

Still having a dead Lupo on the front garden my plan is to get a 1.8 turbo, use it for a bit and then use it later as the donor for the silly Lupo conversion.

The search thus far,  bear in mind I'm after a £500-700 car depending on how many miles it has on it so I'm not really up for spending £100 on fuel going half way across the country to look for one.

Prior to insurance money coming through (i.e. when I didn't know how much I would get) there were no less than four £500  mk4 1.8 turbo golfs listed on ebay within 15 miles of here and a good handful on Gumtree too.  I didn't even bother looking at Skodas, Seats and Audis at the time.

Money comes in,    there are ZERO sub £700 1.8 turbo golfs within a 75 mile radius on ebay....   Gumtree ditto.

Fiinally found a golf taken as a PX  on a forecourt,  went to look saturday,  forecourt closed down, blokes phone is dead he's obviously gone bust.

Couple of Seats appeared but they keep their value far better than a golf as they're both higher spec and far more limited in supply and generally not ragged to bits by the chav element.

Now I'm being teased by Passats and Skoda Octavias etc which have an inline engine  which would be great if I was converting my T25   but I'm not.


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