Topic: More of a shelf than a car

It has been a while since my beetle saw the light of day powered by its own steam.

It needs the following doing to it to get it back on the road:

  • New fuel line from fuel tank to hard line

  • New front tyres

  • Replace various ball joints in front beam

  • Find electrical gremlin in main beam circuit

  • Replace the butterfly spindles in the 44IDFs

  • Reseat the rear windscreen

  • Visit rolling road for tuning  default/boing

  • MOT

  • Finish the remote dashboard box

I'm sure I have forgotten a few things that need doing, but that is the bulk of it. Now that my hearing damage court case is over I feel I can get the car back on the road without some hotshot lawyer trying to use it against me  default/roll

Who else has a list for their car?

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