Topic: Essex VW Xmas Party 2017 16th Dec

The combined efforts  of Spooky  (mostly Spooky's efforts to eb fair)  and SX Dub Club and Splitterz are having an all comers welcome   Xmas party for likeminded folks as follows:

Fiver covers the buffet food and the band default/smile   You can camp out too if you're feelign brave default/smile

I have tickets,  or you can get them from Laura Turner or Paul Briedger as well.

Tickets will be available at the CHelmsford October and November meets from me default/smile

Elemental VW Show #12  Hawaiian Party 7th April 2018
Tickets on sale now
Book now for early bird discount - if you're camping, remember to select Splitterz in the camping booking section default/smile

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