Topic: Volksworld 2018 - the usual... faff

The folk from volksworld have been in touch again about club displays.

The usual,  we get 5 display spaces and up to 10 discounted tickets.

2017 price for two weeks from 15th Sept 2017
£10.00 per adult  plus £17.50 per camping plot.

£15.00 per adult and £30.00 per camping pitch....

yes that's £30.00... the discounteed price

   beardyskyfairy knows how much regular punter price is.

Put me down as popping along for the day   but I'm happy to sort the tickets out for anyone who wants in to display.

Elemental VW Show #12  Hawaiian Party 7th April 2018
Tickets on sale now
Book now for early bird discount - if you're camping, remember to select Splitterz in the camping booking section default/smile

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Re: Volksworld 2018 - the usual... faff

im happy to display again, probably in the bug with a new engine by then i hope  F1 and Motorsport Memorabilia

Re: Volksworld 2018 - the usual... faff

4 spots taken so far

anyone else fancy joining us either for the day or the weekend  F1 and Motorsport Memorabilia