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23rd June 2011

Semi-mental Summer Camping Weekender 29-31 July 2011

Full details of the Splitterz Club Camping Weekender Events

Semi-mental ISN'T A VW Show, its a camping weekender.

A weekend for BIG KIDS and their kids :) Its basic and simple, there is camping from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon, on Friday evening we're going to have a fairly disorganised acoustic jam so bring a guitar, drum, flute, or whatever and join in.

Saturday there will be a BBQ of fresh locally sourced burgers and sausages etc, fun and games (silliness) and remote controlled car racing and whatever anyone else fancies doing. And in the evening there will be acoustic acts including some favourites from the last Elemental show including Deferred Sucess, Drift_, Tiger Blood and more besides...

Fully licensed bar

BBQ of locally sourced food

Split screen Bouncy Castle

Acoustic Music

including favourites from the Elemental Show 2011

Silly Games

Teams of FOUR, its a mini olympics so come prepared to roll tyres,  wang wellies and that kind of thing :)

Radio Controlled Car Racing



Again basic and simple... £10.00 per vehicle one price one ticket whether you come Friday to Sunday or just turn up for saturday night. ( maximum of five people per vehicle)

Tickets are Limited and available ADVANCED BOOKING ONLY at Splitterz Chelmsford Meet on July 14th or online at splitterz website shop until 20th July

No booking by 20th July NO ENTRY


The event will be held a few miles north of Stansted Airport within the CM22 postcode area.

Why won't you tell us where it is?

As this is a new event and we don't know the potential numbers we are keeping the location close to our chests to ensure that we don't have on the day gatecrashers that we hadn't catered for and that we have made adequate provision for toilets, beer and amenities for a known quantity of people.

We will be sending out directions to the exact location along with the tickets on 21st July

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